Ghost Ranger
A long haired, rednecked Indian Cowboy

Old Men

I have not been writing much fiction lately because my mind won’t let me.

Looking back over my life, I realize that for almost all of my adult life I have fought. Oh, I fought as young man, from the school yards to the streets of Bed-Sty, but that was a different type of fight. That was a primer on winning and losing. I fought for myself. After maturing, fighting continued but then and now I was fighting for principles and beliefs. From my time as a policeman, from my time in the Army, from my time in service to our Nation, I was fighting for my Country. The fighting hasn’t stopped even though I have retired, I just changed weapons, and I started fighting with words and education. The heightened awareness of the warrior did not fade, if anything, it got more intense.

I have come to realize that my state of heightened awareness has also negatively affected my health. As I watch many in our Nation spread their arms wide to embrace ideas which are antithetic to the principles upon which this once great Country was founded. They seem to be willing to adopt any tenets that have been proven throughout history to be detrimental to freedom.

At one time, I actually trusted the people in Government, that was before I was allowed behind the curtain and saw the pseudo-leaders reacting to their puppet masters. I watched men that the public looked to for guidance; wallow in hedonism, personal greed, and narcissistic fantasies. I have watched as our so-called leaders betray their oaths of office, betray their constituents and betray their Country. I have seen their egos over-ride the Constitution and common sense. I have seen our enemies create 50 and 100-year plans for world domination as we struggle to create a yearly budget. I have watched as our education system undermined free thought, indoctrinated students into socialism, communism, and the worship of false gods.

We have reached a tipping point, by my estimates and as a result of certain polls; I believe that our Country is divided about 50/50. I struggle to find a peaceful solution for our ills. Criminals have more rights than citizens; people, who swear to kill us and are an antithesis to our Constitution, are freely allowed in our government, our schools, and our media. They use our system of freedoms to deny us the right to oppose them and their primitive ideology.

I proudly voted for Trump. I truly believe that he actually wants to drain the swamp and return us to greatness. We are seeing just how corrupt our government and our politicians are; we are also seeing our enemies gather together, regardless of their conflicting politics, to destroy and conquer us.

I see an uprising coming. I see patriots fighting a war on two fronts. We have to fight the indoctrinated idiots and the foreign powers that would bring us down, but I am tired. The years of fighting have taken their toll. Previously in our history, the youth picked up the mantle of patriotism and could be relied upon, but not today.  Today, we must rely on the old men (and women) and the legal immigrants who have seen what has transpired in their old countries.

It would seem that few are listening, instead, the ranks of the subservient useful idiots grows daily. The drums of war are beating louder. Patriots have been pushed beyond the limits of reason. There is no dialogue, just ideologues. Two hundred and forty years of compromise have only decreased our freedoms.

Like the colors in Old Glory, I won’t run. I am willing to die for the tenets on which this Country was founded.   It’s time for the voting public to draw a line in the sand. It is time for the Patriots to stock up and prepare for what is coming. It is time to punish treason with death. This snake has many heads and they must all be severed. For too many years we have had to choose between the lesser of two evils, it is time to choose the best person (not the best politician) and then force them to vote the way we tell them to, not the corporations, not the donors, the people. We control the government, they work for us.


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